A Daddy’s Covenant to His Daughter

18 Jan

So I was thinking, if I could put everything that was in my heart about raising my daughters into one set of commandments, what would it be.  This is what I came up with.  It’s called A Daddy’s Covenant to His Daughter.  If you can think of anything that I’ve missed, please feel free to leave them in the comments.  If you don’t have any additions, or comments, and you’d like to be a part of the “movement” of becoming Daddy and not solely a Father, feel free to print it out, sign and date it and put it somewhere safe.  Pull it out and read it at least once a week.  When I did it, I was pleasently surprised at  how it positively affected the way that  I dealt with my girls.  I think you will be too.


A Daddy’s Covenant to His Daughter

1)      I will strive to be the example of a good man, husband, and father for my daughter; realizing that I am the measurement by which she will use to judge her adult relationships.

2)      In all conversation, in all actions, in all exchanges, I will focus on showing my daughter her true value as a strong Black princess.

3)      I will always take care to remember that my daughter has limitless potential.

4)      I will work to recognize and live up to my role in her life as a father.

5)      I will work towards developing a strong sense of self worth within my daughter.

6)      I will endeavor to make my time, her time, giving her the attention that she needs and deserves.

7)      I promise not to make my desire to provide for my family financially more important than providing for it spiritually.

8)      I will empower my daughter to have her own mind, and the temperance to wield it wisely.

9)      I will teach my daughter that she is above stereotypes and, as such, is impossible to box in, and is beyond labels.

10)  I will teach my daughter that she is too valuable to settle for less than the best.

11)  I promise that my daughter will, without doubt, KNOW her place in my heart.

12)  I will teach my daughter that the only reason she has to hold her head down is when it’s bowed in prayer…never in shame, never in self doubt.



My Personal Pledge to You, My Daughter

Signature___________________________________    Date_______________     Time_______________

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