Did that chick REALLY just say…….#3

14 Feb

Here are a few that are short and sweet.  Well…maybe not sweet…but they ARE short!

1) Once, my best friend Anthony was dropping Tee off at elementary school.  She  was complaining to him about one of her classmates that was always bragging about how much money his parents had.  She looked at Anthony and said, “Uncle Anthony, if his parents really have that much money, why don’t they buy him a  haircut or some pants that touch the tops of his shoes?”

2) Another Tee-ism:  “Look at him with his big ole head…like he’s trying to take over the world.”

3) One day, Anthony asked Kee why she kept getting into so much trouble….Kee’s response?  “’cause I be lying all the time.” (Egads!  Do we teach broken English in my house?!?!?!)

4) Another discussion in the car. (We seemed to have a LOT of those)

Kee says,Daddy, I know what we can do to help people with no money that can’t afford spinning rims!
I knew this wasn’t going to end well, but I thought, “Okay, I’ll bite.”

What’s that Kee?

She looked at me with a huge, Kool Aid Man grin on her face and said, “….Spinning…..TIRES!”  She immediately accents her statement with a ….”Yeeeeeahhhhhhhh…..Look how smart I just came off.” head nod.

To which, the heretofore silent, but ALWAYS grouchy, Tee responded with………………..  “If the tires are spinning….that means they’re MOVING, dummy!”

Did that chick Really just say……..SPINNING TIRES?!?!?!?!?

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