On being a perfectionist

09 Feb

So, one of the biggest writing hangups that I have is that I’m a bit of a perfectionist.    Now, I’m not talking about typos, as evidence to the contrary is front and center in any of my writing, but rather in HOW I say what I want to say.  I struggle mightily on the best way to verbally paint a scene.  In fact, I would say that I agonize (enjoyably so) over it.  Case in point.  It LITERALLY took me about 7 hours to get this one sentence the way that I wanted it.

“Across the hours joining night to day, the snow’s slow, purposeful ballet down to the city streets had been replaced with a violent frenzy, driven by the brutish cadence of the Detroit wind as it bowed to greet the morning sun.”

All that to say that the snow got heavier in the morning and that it was windy.

I LOVE writing.

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